What’s New With Tracy Anderson?

Apparently, Gwyennie and Tracy have been having a hard time getting people to join their new gym. Clearly, no one is jumping at the opportunity to join a gym for a mere $4,500 and then pay hundreds of dollars each month. I still continue to receive emails inviting me to attend one of their informational sessions.  I was tempted to go but then I realized that I would probably get a very hard sell and did I want to put myself through that just to see Tracy in person??  

This is one of the emails that I received:

Good Evening,


Thank you for your interest in Membership at Tracy Anderson Method Studios New York City.


Tracy Anderson is hosting an additional information session this Friday, March 27th at 6:00pm.

The event will last approximately one hour.


Tracy will be discussing everything regarding the NYC Studio, her Method, and more!


The Tracy Anderson Method Studio is located at 408 Greenwich Street in the heart of Tribeca.

To view a map of the Studio’s location, please Click Here.

The entrance of the Studio is located at 26 Hubert Street. Members of our staff will be stationed outside to direct you where to go.


We have limited memberships remaining and Tracy will be leaving the City this weekend to rejoin the set of Iron Man II.


If you plan to attend, please RSVP to TAMethodNYC@tracyandersonmethod.com


If you have any additional questions or there is anything else we can assist you with, please contact us at 212.965.1408.

We look forward to seeing you Friday evening!


Tracy Anderson Method Studios

I especially love how they included the line about her leaving the city to rejoin the set of Iron Man II. That cracked me up!

I realized that I have not been on Gwyenth’s site, goop, in a while so I ventured over there to check it out.  I was not surprised to see that there was a new Tracy video. Of course Gwyenth asked “the cutest, most motivated, most genius trainer on earth to jumpstart our spring fitness regimes“. Excuse me while I puke.

Now, I do enjoy Tracy’s Mat workout but I can’t stand her cardio routines.  All that jumping around makes me nauseous. However, I will admit she looks amazing!


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