Back To The Gym

My membership the The Bar Method officially ended last week.  To be perfectly honest, I was getting a bit bored towards the end. It probably has to do with the fact that I was going there 3-4x a week. That’s a lot!  One thing I will miss are the teachers and the other students.  It started feeling like home to me.  Sniff Sniff.  I WILL be back on March 24th though.  The founder of this Method, Burr Leonard, will be visiting the studio and teaching a class!  I am very excited to meet her.  I believe this special class filled up within minutes.  

So, I went back to the gym today. It felt really weird to be back.  I haven’t stepped foot in the gym in a long time. It was embarrassing! Hey, at least I was working out, just not there.  Anyway, I decided to take a Vinyasa Yoga class.  I was very disappointed, though, when I saw the teacher.  It was not the teacher that was on the schedule.  I didn’t know if I should stay or leave, but I felt silly, since I had my mat laid out, my blanket and blocks.  So, I stayed and told myself to keep an open mind.  Who knows, perhaps this would be an amazing teacher?  Well, she wasn’t.  She wasn’t terrible and she did teach a lot of asanas that I have never seen before in my entire life.  But, still, it wasn’t my thing.  Oh well.

The next couple of days will keep me away from the gym.  My older daughter has a field trip (to the local book store and then ice cream afterwards.  What fun for 22 kindergartners) and I am one of the chaperones.  On Wednesday morning, I have an eye doctor appointment.  They dilate my eyes.  No fun.  I do plan on going Thursday and Friday morning.  Wish me better luck!


2 thoughts on “Back To The Gym

  1. It’s okay to run for you life with a strange teacher! I hope your eye appointment goes well! I’m waiting till they tell me I need bifocals… then I’ll know my age is at the point of no return…

  2. Hi there! Eye appointment went well. I’m heading back to the gym today to take another class. Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well.

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