Sorry Tracy

So late last night, I received an email from Tracy Anderson’s people.  Here it is:

Good Afternoon,


Thank you for your interest in Membership at Tracy Anderson Method Studios New York City.


Tracy Anderson is hosting information sessions tomorrow evening, Thursday, March 5, at both 6:00pm and 8:00pm.


She will be discussing everything regarding the NYC Studio, her Method, and more.




The Tracy Anderson Method Studio is located at 408 Greenwich Street in the heart of Tribeca. To view a map of the Studio location, please Click Here.


The entrance of the Studio is located at 26 Hubert Street. Members of our staff will be stationed outside to direct you where to go.


Please respond if you plan to attend.


If you have any additional questions or there is anything else we can assist you with, please contact us at 212.965.1408.




Tracy Anderson Method Studios

There’s no way I could have gone.  My husband plays soccer on Thursday nights and I have to stay home with the girls. Also, talk about last minute notice!  They emailed me last night for an event tonight.  Don’t they realize people have plans? Maybe I was on their B (or C/D) list.  I would have liked the opportunity to have met her.  Since I’m a writer, I should figure out a story idea to pitch to a magazine.  Hmmm…


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