Stop The Chatter

I have always been interested in meditation, although my interest varies from year to year.   The past few years, I have focused on guided meditations like this one and that one.  I do enjoy them.  But lately, I have wanted to try “real” meditation, ie, completely on my own.

For the past week or so, I have sat quietly on bed, trying to still my mind. It ain’t easy!  I usually focus on my breath, in and out. Sometimes, like today, I pick a phrase or a few phrases to say.  Today I focused on “let it go.”  I’ve been working on manifesting a few goals, really focusing on 2 goals that I have wanted to achieve for a while.  So, it felt very good to let go.  I also would repeat “accept” and “yes”.

The past few times I have meditated, I have lasted for 20 minutes.  I think that is pretty darn good for a beginner!  Of course many times my mind starts wondering.  This morning I thought “I need to drink more water” and the inevitable “I wonder what time it is.”  I just try my best refocus on my mantra.

I’m not sure if I am noticing any results.  I bet my blood pressure goes down when I am meditating.  And I do feel pretty good afterwards.  Guess that’s all that counts.


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