It’s Shower Time

I am not talking about rain showers either.  I’m talking about a regular shower.  I LOVE taking a shower.  It always makes me feel better, no matter what is going on in my life.  

This morning, I received an interesting email from Jeannette Maw, a Coach.  She wrote about how she uses her time in the shower as a time to manifest.  Hey, I do the exact same thing!  It never occurred to me that others did as well.

This is part of her email:

Every day I step into my personal magic manifesting booth, where my favorite dreams and desires get ushered into real life.  It’s a simple process, works like a charm, and also helps shift the vibe when I’m in a less-than-fabulous mood.
Today I wondered who else enjoys their magic manifesting booth, and thought it might be a tip worth sharing in case you’re not already visiting yours!
After all, who wouldn’t want a magic booth to conjure up at willwhatever you’ve been wanting?  With the only limits being the ones you bring in yourself?
The fact is you’ve likely got one of these right under your nose and just didn’t realize it, because these magic manifesting booths sometimes masquerade as … the shower.
That’s right, I’m talking about the tub, the shower stall –
– the place where you get cleaned up every day.
Lots of folks don’t realize how powerful the shower is for manifesting.  Here’s what makes mine so potent and how yours can be, too:
I use shower time as a daily reminder to give thanks to angels for what I want as if it’s already happened.  This simple habit incorporates four key elements to manifesting: the vibration of gratitude, calling in a higher power (whether it’s God, Universe, angels, etc), feeling as if it’s already manifested, which all happens in the WATER (known for its cleansing and amplifying properties).
Incorporating this habit allows you to create a regular focus on what you want, invoke a higher power to assist in the delivery of it, flow thanks as if it’s a done deal and turn up the vibrational volume through H2O properties.
Pretty cool, huh?
Works great for me, and I invite you to empower your shower for magical manifesting as well!
I really enjoyed reading her post and I hope you did as well.  I also take it one step further (when I can remember that is).  I always rub lotion on my body after my shower.  I take the time to give thanks as I rub the lotion into each body part.  Thank you for these heathy feet, thank you for these healthy and beautiful legs if I do say so myself!  The key is not to also view your body negatively, ie, wow, my ass is huge, I need to lose 25 pounds, etc, etc…. No, please don’t do that!  
I will admit that sometimes I can lose track and become overly critical as well but I try my best to set those thoughts aside.  You are alive and healthy!  Give thanks!  And the more you give thanks, the more life and the Universe will give you things to be thankful for.  

2 thoughts on “It’s Shower Time

  1. Ooh, Judie, I love that: “Shower Time”! lol

    I also love your lotion practice … I included that in the self love ebook, too. I actually practice it as self-abhyanga (where it’s oil instead of lotion) but that’s just because it makes me feel even more special. he he

    Thanks for sharing the technique and keep up the great work with this blog! Very inspiring!


  2. Thank you Jeannette for visiting my blog and for making a comment! I should check out your ebook. Can you tell us where to find it? Thanks! Judie

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