Is Shape Magazine Full Of It?

As some of you know, I love magazines.  I always have and I always will.  I also worked on the business side of magazines for many years. I know not to believe everything you read or see in magazines or in any form of media. You never know what is going on behind the scenes.  Nevertheless, I still get very excited whenever I receive a new issue in the mail.  Yesterday, I received the Marsh 2009 issue of Shape with Jaime Pressly on the cover.  I had no clue who she was, but I didn’t really care.  

As I glanced through the magazine, I got to the “Readers Speak Out” section, where they publish readers emails, letters, etc.. Danielle Kintner from Pennsylvania wrote something that I completely agreed with.  She wrote “I’m sure Faith Hill (side note- she was on the cover in December) is in fantastic shape for a woman her age (or any age, for that matter).  However, I doubt she’d be willing to appear on a magazine cover in a bikini without the luxury of airbrushing and professional makeup artists. When she and other celebrities are willing to pose au naturel, the rest of us will truly be inspired.”

Shape responded: “Editor’s note: We never alter any Shape’s model’s body- including those on our cover.  The women we feature put a lot of hard work into staying healthy and should be given the credit they deserve.”

Now, I love me some Shape magazine, but come on.  Is that really true??  I am almost 100% sure that Kelly Ripa (who was on the cover of Shape last Fall) said on her show that they airbrushed her and made her look great.  

My mouth continued to drop when I turned the page to read the “Editor’s Letter.”.  Valerie Latona is the editor in chief; the title of her letter was “so is that really our cover model’s body?”   She goes on to say “I can emphatically and truthfully say we do not alter stars’ bodies.”  I was floored when I read that.  Is she serious?  She must be, if she allowed that statement to be printed.  But then I quickly wondered- what is her definition of “alter.”  Does airbrushing a zit or stretch marks count as altering?  I can understand and believe they may not enlarge someone’s breasts.  But I have it super hard to believe every single cover model is that perfect. Jaime Pressly had a son nearly 2 years ago.  She does not have one mark on her body. Not even a little paper cut on her finger. Is that reality??


6 thoughts on “Is Shape Magazine Full Of It?

  1. I’m voting with full of it. I’m sure something gets altered even if it isn’t the body contours or such.

    And sending healthy thoughts your way! I hope you don’t get sick, too :(.

  2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on the April cover of Shape magazine. She is 48 years old. She looks AMAZING. Her abs are super cut. You have to check it out. I haven’t read the article and I don’t know much about her (does she have any kids??) but her body is a killer! I really wish they would be honest with us if they did airbrushing or whatever.

  3. Judie, it might be a strip of duct tape along the lower back to hold in the love handles… apparently there are lots of “make up” tricks to make people look slimmer and better without airbrushing. Doesn’t mean that the model didn’t alter Before the photo though. Also, they take hundreds of pictures! Hundreds! Heck if someone took hundreds of me, I’m sure there’d be at least one where you couldn’t see the duct tape and that I looked skinny in ;).

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