Accept The Unexpected

I decided to head to my local yoga studio today and take a Ashtanga, aka, Power Yoga, class this morning.  I have not been to this studio in a long while (hello The Bar Method obsession!!) but I was looking forward to it.  I like patronizing local establishments. However, the best part is that this studio has heated floors!!!  It is amazing.

Even though I was excited to attend this class, I was also apprehensive.  I have not practiced yoga in a while.  The teacher of the class, Anna, is also one of the owners, and she is amazing and powerful.  I will admit I can get intimidated by her.

Turns out, she was not there this morning.  Amy, another teacher, was teaching in her place.  Amy is a mom to two young kids and very down to earth although extremely, intensely flexible.  

She asked if we were open to a different type of class other than Ashtanga.  Even though I was looking forward to practicing Ashtanga, I told myself that I was open to the possibilities.  Amy explained that she typically teaches Vinyasa Yoga; everyone in the class said that was fine and we started our practice.  Amy reminded us to set an intention for our practice.  I thought for a moment and the phrase “accept the unexpected” came to mind.  I went with it.

I felt really at peace during class.  I knew that I could not expect my body to “perform” all the moves perfectly since I had not practiced yoga in so long.  Instead, I looked at the other people in the class and really admired their bodies and their flexibility. (I will admit I did notice that the woman next to me was dressed in Lululemon).

It is just incredible the way one can manipulate their body.  It’s hard to explain.  You really have to see it for yourself.

90 minutes later, I left the class feeling refreshed and cleansed.  I am glad I accepted the unexpected.


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