Another Tracy Anderson Convert

My friend Jill came over this afternoon with her two daughters.  She is a runner who also enjoys working out to videos. She had been wanting to try my TA Mat video for a while and we made plans to do the video while our girls played. We weren’t sure how it would all pan out but everything went well.  Actually, it was a lot of fun and also very funny. Our 3 1/2 year olds attempted to do the workout with us. It was so adorable!

Jill said she enjoyed the workout and is considering buying it.  She did have an issue with the lack of cueing but I explained that many people prefer that she barely speaks and that you get used to her lack of cues. I have not done this video in a long time.  I really enjoyed it but I do feel that I strain my back in with her some of  leg rotations.  My abs are fairly strong so I don’t think it’s due to weak abs.  Maybe my posture is incorrect?  At any rate, I do like this video and I especially love the music. Times went by quickly.


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