New Year’s Resolutions

I was really excited to head to the gym this morning.  I hadn’t been in a long while and I was looking forward to doing cardio. Turns out, a lot of people had the same thought.  When I got to the parking lot, I saw a swarm of cars driving around looking for a spot. I immediately pulled in the first spot I saw.  Sure, it was the furthest spot away from the gym’s entrance, but who cares, right? I had to walk maybe an extra minute and all the while, I had to dodge cars who continued to seek a spot closer to the door.

My heart sank when I got to the cardio section.  Every. Single. Treadmill. was taken.  I stood there looking around while three other women pushed me aside to search for any available piece of equipment!  

I ended up having to go on an Elliptical.  I told myself to just try it but after a couple of minutes, I knew it was not working out. Thankfully, someone right in front of me got off their treadmill and I jumped all over it.  

As I worked out, I saw countless of people’s frustrated faces when they tried to find a machine.  I did feel bad.  Because of that, I only stayed on the treadmill for 40 minutes.  Well, the real reason was that I was sick of the music on my Ipod and realized I needed to add new songs.

I have to admit I am impressed with the crowds at the gym.  It’s great that people are working out and keeping their New Year’s Resolutions.  I assume most of these people are at the gym because of their resolutions.  Otherwise, where were they a few months ago?

As far as my NYR, I am doing pretty well.  Mine focused on my career and friendships.  I am making an effort to network and meet editors face to face.  I have been writing for a long time and it’s amazing how many editors I have never met with or even spoken with!  It’s all done via email.  Last week I met with an editor for a cup of tea and this afternoon I am meeting an editor for coffee.  I am also making more plans with friends for lunch.  Again, it’s so easy to send an email to say “Hi” but, to me, it definitely takes work and effort to maintain a friendship, especially as you get older, have kids, etc..  Yesterday I had lunch with a friend and today I am having sushi with a neighbor.  I feel like I am a lady who lunches!  Ha!

Being social is good for your heart and your soul.


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