I Hate The Bar Method

This continues to be a rough week.  I am still sick and not feeling well. Then this morning our furnace wasn’t working and so the house was freezing.  I woke up stressed about a work project.  Despite all that, I was still really excited to go to The Bar Method.  I hadn’t been since Sunday and I needed the workout.  

Jen taught the class.  She is one of the owners and also appears on the videos. She is known to teach a great class and her classes are very, very popular.  I don’t know what she had for breakfast but her class was a killer. For the first time ever, I actually felt like walking out of the class.  I have taken about 20 classes since November and these classes never get any easier. NEVER! However, this class was particularly intense.  I did not walk out. Instead I stayed and mustered through, quivering legs and all.  I was surprised at how weak I felt.  I could not even do a “real” pushup. I had to do them on my knees.  

I am happy I stuck with the class, but I am concerned that I am not feeling my best.  I have been super tired and just feeling “yucky.”  Time to make a doctor’s appointment.


2 thoughts on “I Hate The Bar Method

  1. I like lunches! What type of writing do you do? Other than blogging of course. :). I hope your writing gets picked up by an editor soon!

    I hope you start feeling better soon as well. The title of your post had me scared momentarily!

  2. Ha ha, no, I still love me Bar Method. Going over there this morning. I am a freelance writer. I’ve written for a variety of magazines, including Time Out NY, Trader Monthly and Park Place. I’ve also written for a few websites. I tend to write profiles, where I interview people and then write their stories. I love it but I also want to write on other topics, including health and fitness and even more investigative reporting.

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