More VitaMuffin News

I was shopping at my usual grocery store when I spotted a sign.  VitaMuffin & VitaTops on sale for $3.99.  At the store near my gym, each box was over $5!  They didn’t have a large selection though, just the chocolate muffins, Corn Muffin Tops and CranBran Tops.  I picked up one box of the Corn Tops and one box of the CranBran Tops.  

When I got on the line, I saw that the woman behind me was also purchasing VitaMuffins, so of course I had to start chatting with her.  When she said “I love having one for breakfast with a cup of coffee”, I felt like we were best friends!  I explained to her my situation, aka, having to sneak these from my children.  She laughed and gave me some advice “Don’t eat the chocolate ones in front of them.  I only eat the other ones and they hate them, so I’m safe.”  I thanked her for that piece of advice.

This morning, I was ready to eat a corn top in front of my children. I was really, really nervous.  I know my kids and I just knew they would love them.   I decided to leave it in God’s Hands.

Turns out they both slept a bit later than usual this morning, so I was able to savor my Corn Top with my coffee sans kids and sans hiding.  I didn’t think the Corn Tops tasted as yummy as the chocolate ones but it was still good.


3 thoughts on “More VitaMuffin News

  1. WOW! 5K for three month membership?!?! Hell, that’s pricey!

    Are you starting to feel any better?

    My dad always hid pringles chips from us as kids. It never bothered me when I was young (or now that I’m old). I don’t hide things from Karma but make her eat healthy before she eats whatever bad stuff I’m eating and by the time she has her meal, she usually doesn’t want the chips anymore anyway.

  2. For, thanks for the comment. Yes, I completely agree, 5k is pretty outrageous but I still hope to check out the studio when it opens up. I would love to see and/or meet her and perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow!!!

    I am still sick/coughing/not sleeping well but nevertheless, I plan on taking a class at The Bar Method tomorrow and then go to the gym on Friday morning. I am missing cardio so I may either take a class or do the treadmill.

    I think the VitaTops and Muffins are healthy but since they come 4 in a box, that would mean almost one box a day. This way I am conserving money 🙂

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