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So, a few days ago, I clicked on a link on TA’s site to get more information on her new studio that is opening up in NYC.  

I received an email back, asking for my cc information and saying that a 3 month membership was 5k.  Yes, $5,000!!!  The 5k gets you:

The Holiday Platinum Package includes:

3 Month Membership
30 Minute Private Consultation with Tracy Anderson
10 Private Training Sessions with One of Our Trainers
Unlimited Access to Classes
Nutritional Strategy to Follow

I emailed back asking when the studio would open.  No answer back yet. 

Today, I read this article about  how Gwyneth Paltrow is considering helping Tracy Anderson open numerous studios.  It’s no surprise that she is financially helping TA.  No doubt, TA and GP are making bucks.  They appeared on Oprah for goodness sakes!  Plus, TA has been featured in tons of magazines (yeah, I read them all).  I also read a few other fitness forums and every time TA’s name is mentioned, people get all riled up!  I have never experienced such a thing before in my life.  

Some of these women have said that since doing TA’s dvds, they have lost some serious weight and gained muscle.  I think that’s great for them.  If it’s working for you, then do it!  Do I buy what TA says that using the treadmill or taking spinning classes can make women’s legs bulky or that women should never lift more than 3 pounds?  Come on now!

I will definitely make an effort to check out her studio when it opens up.  I am definitely NOT going to pay 5k for a membership though.  Unless my husband decides to get me a great Valentine’s Day present!?!??!?!?


8 thoughts on “More Tracy Anderson Stuff

  1. Tell us how you really feel?!!? LOL! By the way, I DO enjoy her Mat DVD. You may want to check it out. It’s a bit more reasonable at $30 but compared to The Bar Method where you are able to get 2 dvds for $30……..

  2. Anderon’s LA studio is a lot less. Its $25 a class ($15 special right now). The pricey part comes when you sign up for the reformer class, but that’s still less than her NY location: Here it’s $1500 for three months. I’m taking the solo classes and doing her $25 video and after 2 weeks I’m totes seeing results already. I’m really hooked on this method.

    BTW, love your blog. Keep it up.

  3. Pangi, thank you for coming to my blog! Wow, those LA prices sound normal. I do wonder if TA will offer classes like most studios offer. Asking someone to shell out 5k for a 3 month membership is asking a bit too much, especially in this economy. Guess we shall soon find out!

  4. I too inquired about the gym membership for the new location in Tribeca. I was told to just hold my spot and cover the cost for the first and last month it would cost me $2,500.00, then I would have to pay on a month to month basis. I wish money was no object and I could afford to spend that much on a gym membership…but for now, im just going to stick to her Mat DVD which I do 5-6x a week. I also have searched on you-tube and found some videos of the TA method with different moves, rotations, etc.

  5. Gina, interesting that they gave you that info. Did you call or email? I emailed and received a response from Brian, General Manager. According to him, the studio will be open in late Feb/Early March. Since I am so curious, I will check out the studio but I am not close enough (or rich enough) to spend that amount of cash to join.

    If you check out a few of my other postings, I have included links to other Tracy Anderson material that you can find online.

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