Surprising News (To Me)

I just read an interesting article on   According to a study conducted by Loyola University Health System, their findings demonstrates that diet alone, not exercise, helps you lose weight.  You can read more about it here.  

I love working out.  I love how it makes me feel and how it makes my body look.  I don’t exercise to be thin.  If I happen to want to shed a couple of pounds, I do up my workouts and eat a bit less.  

Of course, we hear so many “breaking” news stories on weight loss.  It’s best to talk about it with a medical professionally AND listen to your own intuition.


4 thoughts on “Surprising News (To Me)

  1. I heard very similar things recently but I don’t recall where. It very well might have been fit sugar. Did it mention that long ago obese patients were put on bedrest?

    I think that diet alone is great for reducing weight. But I think exercise is critical for overall health. Bone density is linked to exercise, if you don’t use your bones, you loose them. Quite literally! Osteoporosis is way to common. And I don’t buy into the exercise not really being beneficial to weight loss. I think it helps. And I feel better. And… I could go on forever, you too it seems :). Well, it works for us, so I’m sticking to my exercise routine.

  2. Clearly diet places a very important role in weight management. However, there are so many positive aspects to exercise in addition to weight loss. I guess it can be easy to say “Oh, I worked out, I deserve a treat.” I prefer to think that they go hand in hand. At any rate, we are so lucky that we love to exercise!!

  3. I agree. Exercise is absolutely important to overall health. Regarding weightloss, if we were to call out whether diet or exercise, when combined, contributes more to weightloss, maybe diet would come out on top. I have heard that it’s 80% what you eat that makes the difference. But exercise definitely adds to the equation and makes the weightloss occur faster, in a more healthy way, and in a more maintainable way. I think I’ll stick to going 2 for 2 too! 🙂

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