Back At The Bar This Morning

I was so excited to get back to The Bar Method this morning.  I got there a little early and decided to check out their Lululemon clothing selection.  They have everything from tops, bottoms, jackets and head bands.  I looked at the tops and spotted a cute one. Well, they are all freaking cute.  But I liked a black one in particular.  One of the owners, Angie, was standing next to me and thought it was cute too.

I decided to try it on.  When I came out, a couple of women said, “Wow, that looks great!”  Angie thought it looked wonderful as well. So, I decided to buy it 🙂  I did like how it looked on me and well, I couldn’t resist.  One of the women told me that she wears her Lululemon top 3 times a week.  She comes home and washes it, ready for the next wearing.  

The funny thing is, two other women AND one of their teachers asked Angie if she had any more of the top in stock. Unfortunately, I snagged the last black one.  One woman did end up buying it in a different color and she thanked me for modeling it. Who knew I was such a trendsetter!

The compliments didn’t end there.  I chatted with another woman about The Bar and how addicting it is.  I commented that many of us are in search for that long, lean dancer’s body.  She looked at me and said- “You have it!”  My mouth dropped (honestly) and she turned to another woman and said “Look at her body!”   I laughed and said I must have a distorted body image.  It’s true, I would never say I have a dancer’s shape.  Maybe it was due to my head-t0-toe Lululemon outfit?


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