Tracy Anderson’s PR Person

I have a copy of the January 12, 2009  issue of US magazine.  The cover story is (shocker)” 2009’s Diets That Work!”

Tracy Anderson is mentioned throughout the entire issue.  Gwyneth Paltrow is shown on page 46.  She says “I eat a lot and I exercise a lot” and “….chows down on fish, chicken and dairy, credits two-hour workouts six days a week trainer Tracy Anderson for allowing her to indulge.  ’She’s completely changed my body, Paltrow- mom to Apple, 4 and Moses, 2 with hubby Chris Martin, 31- recently said.  The routine? Plenty of dance cardio and work on a Pilates-reformer-inspired machine.  Admits Paltrow, I work out freakin’ hard!”

On page 74, there is an interview with Molly Sims and she mentions TA.  Then on page 76, there are reviews of dvds, including her Dance Cardio workout one.  

Tracy Anderson sure gets around 🙂


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