Dreams Do Come True!

Today, January 5th, was a pretty eventful day.  I celebrated my 7 year wedding anniversary today.  These 7 years have flown by!! I remember the days when I was dating and wondering if and when I was going to get married.  Sigh….those were the good old days. Hee heee!  Just kidding, husband of mine.  Not that he reads this blog anyway, but just in case.  

Today, I also went back to The Bar Method.  As usual, the class was very challenging.  My legs were on fire and shaking!  I am also sore from my workout yesterday so that didn’t help.  It felt wonderful to be back though ; the owners and the teachers all greeted me with smiles and hugs and it felt like I was visiting family.  Family that makes you make you feel pain, but yes, family nevertheless.

Finally, and this is pretty big news….I wore my Lululemon pants today!!!  If you recall reading my previous post where I wrote how I was lusting after these pricey pants (if not, you can read it here), I could not stop thinking about them.  I just didn’t feel comfortable paying full price, so I began stalking them on ebay.  I kept on getting outbid but was finally able to snag a pair. They were shipped from Canada and the seller told me it usually takes about 8 business days to arrive to the U.S.  Well, try over 21 business days!  I was so pissed.  I knew it was not the seller’s fault but she was not responsive to my emails either.  To add to it, we were in Florida when they were delivered to our house in New Jersey.  I had our mail held until we got home and thankfully, they were there.  Yippee! Then I had to get them hemmed since they are so freaking long.

They fit like a glove and make my butt look great.  I love them!  Of course, now I want another pair.  And also a top too.  Will I ever be satisfied?


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