Change Your Weight By Changing Your Plate

I received my issue of People magazine today.  No surprise that the majority of stories focus on weight loss.  The cover story is on people who have lost half their size.  Their stories are pretty amazing.  

On page 82, there is a story titled “Lose Weight Just By Changing Your Plate!”   Apparently, an ad ex named Alex Bogusky has recently released a book called “The 9-Inch Diet.”  Bogusky found that in 1963, most plates were 9 inches and held 810 calories.  In 2004, plates are now 12 inches and hold 1,870 calories.  The article states that “yesterday’s 9 inch dinner plate is today commonly sold as a salad plate.”  I had heard about this book before and had been meaning to purchase smaller plates.  It didn’t occur to me to use a salad plate.  Duh!

Tonight, I made spaghetti with shrimp for dinner.  I served myself on a salad plate.  My husband thought it was hysterical and made fun of me.  I am not trying to lose weight but I do tend to clean my plate, whether or not I am truly hungry.  Also, earlier in the year (well, I guess it was last year), I did shed some pounds by cutting my portions.  I have found that lately I have not been adhering to that habit.  

Anyway, I ate my entire plate (as usual) along with a huge salad.  I felt very satisfied, full and hours later, I am not hungry.  I’m going to continue eating on a salad plate.  Let’s see what happens!  It’s a super easy thing to do so why not try it for yourself?


2 thoughts on “Change Your Weight By Changing Your Plate

  1. We started using our smaller plates a year or more ago. I’ve not had luck :(. Maybe it helped me to not increase as much. I tend to get seconds and thirds.

    I’m glad those pants finally came! Looong time to wait! The nearest shop to me is in Madison, about a 3 hour drive. I like new workout clothes even if I’m the only one to see them. And half the time I don’t even wear my workout clothes anyway but some new stuff for running in spring would be nice :).

    I completely understand having your spot at the class. The new people should understand that there’s others who’ve been going for some time already and take a spot that doesn’t interfere with the flow of the existing people. Glad you outdid that guy ;). I’d have been smiling inside, too, if it were me in your place.

  2. A friend of mine told me she lost 5 pounds just by switching to a smaller plate, so I thought, why not. I also read a book in my book club a while ago called “Mindless Eating”. It was interesting and full of tidbits that make total sense.

    I do love my new pants!!

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