How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

I recall reading that about half of women in the United States make the resolution to lose weight or begin exercising every year.  I don’t like to make resolutions, as I feel that every day, every given moment is the perfect time to start fresh.  However, I can definitely see the appeal of New Years Resolutions.

Unfortunately for me, if I had said I was going to get more exercise, then I would have already failed miserably.  I have not been able to exercise since Dec. 31st due to a few different reasons.  I’m not happy about it and l feel like I am letting myself down.

I won’t be able to get to the gym tomorrow either but I’m trying to motivate myself to do a video at home.  One of my friends lent me Yoga Booty Ballet.  I’m going to try it out.  Wish me luck!

I won;


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