Let It Snow…..

On Friday, the weather people predicted a huge snow storm.  I received an automated phone call at 5:35 am (scared the freaking daylights out of me!!), announcing that the school district would be closed.  I had planned on going to the gym and running a bunch of errands.  None of it happened.  I played in the snow with my girls, we went over a neighbor’s house for lunch and a play date, and all was fine.

Today, Saturday, was my final day at The Bar Method.  I was so excited.  However, it had snowed some more overnight and the roads appeared slick and icy.  Plus, my husband had not shoveled the driveway.  So, I was unable to attend my last class.  I was very, very upset but what could I do?

I decided to pull out my Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout.  I did have to plug my ears when she says how she can get my arms and body “teeny tiny” and that she can create “the lines that she wants to create” in my body and how she can “re-engineer any women’s molecular structure.”  And, of course, a woman should “never, ever” lift more than 3 pounds.  Ok, with all that being said, I forgot how much I enjoy the music in this workout.  Music plays a huge role in my enjoyment of my workout.  (Side note: turns out that I am not the only one who feels that music has a huge impact on exercising.) 

As much as I enjoy her music, sometimes Tracy drives me crazy.  She is not a chatter box on her video, which is a positive, but she also doesn’t cue very much or often.  So, you think you are still stretching or working on your left side but she has already moved to the right side.  

At one point, she does this funky standing ab routine.  Again, what in world is she doing???  She does admit that it can take some time to get these moves and suggests that you have to “internalize” the moves.  

Her arm segments are interesting, very different from anything I have seen. However, I feel like she focuses on the shoulders a lot and I feel my shoulders are toned enough.  I wish she would say, ok, now we are going to focus on the biceps, or whatever, because at times, (well, most of the time), I wasn’t sure what I was doing and where I should feel the burn. Since I did not want to work out my shoulders, I did some of the arm moves that I learned at The Bar.  Perfect!

I must have gotten stronger during my classes at The Bar because I could deal with Tracy’s lower body workout easily.  Even though Tracy may say some insane things, I will admit that I do like this workout a lot.  I’m thrilled to have at least one dvd that I don’t mind doing at home.

Also, I acknowledge that I really, really enjoyed working out at The Bar.  While I was hoping to have seen more visible results, I FEEL different. Last night my husband did say he has noticed a definite change.  He said I look more toned and tighter.  I do feel a bit smaller.  My clothes seem to fit the same and the scale has not changed, I just feel different.

I’m not sure how I am going to reconcile this new feeling with the gym.  I think I am going to have to stay away from classes that use heavy weights, like Body Pump and focus on classes like Pilates.  I’m also planning on buying a Fluidity Bar.  I found a woman on craigslist who lives near me and is selling hers for a good price.  Maybe I will go to the gym 2-3x a week and then work out at home with the bar 2-3x a week.  That means I do need to purchase some new ballet bar types of workouts.   Merry Christmas to me!


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