Treading On Thin Ice

I was so glad to have seized the day on Monday and enjoyed the weather.  It’s been freezing, rainy and snowy these past few days. Brrr.  Today I went to the gym (I haven’t been there in a long time since I have been so devoted to The Bar Method).  But before I got my butt to the gym, I wasted so much time!  What is wrong with me??!?!?  After I got my girls off to school, I found myself updating my Facebook status, throwing my chicken into the crock pot and just wasting a lot of time online and answering emails.  

By the time I got to the gym, I realized I didn’t have much time at all to work out.  I had to volunteer at my older daughter’s school so I only had 40 minutes on the treadmill.  I guess 40 minutes is better than nothing, but I ended up being mad at myself and then rushing home to shower, change and get ready to volunteer.  I had nothing in the house to eat so I had to eat canned ravioli. The worst part was that I was starving when I got back home from volunteering and ate a cookie.  Or two.  And some cheese. With bread. 

I hosted a play date at home this afternoon for my youngest daughter so at least I avoided eating anything else!  I am now cooking some rice to go along with the chicken (I smothered it with spices, bbq sauce and honey) and I will make some veggies too.

Tomorrow it’s back to The Bar.


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