Almost At The End

I felt pretty sad at The Bar Method this morning.  This is my final week there since my month-long membership ends on the 20th. The good thing is that we leave for Florida on the 21st until the 28th so I would not be able to go even if we were home.  But nevertheless, I was almost in tears.  Seriously.  

The Other Good News is that they recently released two new dvds.  They are each $20 or you can buy them both for $30.  One of the owners of the Summit Studio, Jen Hedricks, is featured in the dvds.  Apparently she is the one who does the lower impact moves.  I took her class on Saturday and I am still feeling the burn.  In a good way.  

My studio has the dvds for sale; I was tempted to buy them.  However, will I actually use them?  By now, I assume most of you know I don’t do dvds very well.  Since I am planning on attending two more classes, I still have time to make up my mind.


6 thoughts on “Almost At The End

  1. I used to do video’s well. Not so much anymore, but trying to do some of mine to see if I should even keep them anymore. At least you’ll know before you buy them if you like the moves and how the instructor teaches the moves since you’ve already met her ;).

    Or wait for them on netflicks and let me know how it goes. Too keep your hubby happy, just order one at a time so he can still rotate the other movies through. I tend to take more time to watch the movie I get (sometiems a month) and he usually watches his in a day or two. Most of the time he rotates our quota of three since there aren’t many movies I’d like to watch anyway. I think I might try renting some workout video’s through them. Cant hurt anyway :).

    This is getting long, but I’ve been trying to get a purpose for my workout before I start and so far, it’s helping with the motivation to finish them. Sometimes a short term thing, like I’ll feel better afterward is enough, but for me the long term benefits as my purpose have been helping better for me to stay more motivated and helps me to add in more cardio as well.

  2. I will probably purchase the new Bar Method dvds since I am familiar with the moves and the posture (which is very important).

    I keep on forgetting to set an intention before working out! I am hitting the gym this morning to get on the treadmill. My intention will be to burn as many calories as possible 🙂

  3. I saw the bar method on sale at Dicks today and thought of you! I took a peek at them and they sold the bars right there with the video’s, too. I bought a kettlebell video instead though since that’s my next routine.

  4. I’m hoping to try Kettlebells at my gym. I was told they were going to offer a class sometime soon. Let me know when you try yours out.

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