Try, Try, Try Again

I have been searching for a fun and somewhat easy dance workout to do at home, after my failed attempt at the Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio one.   I heard good things about Soul Sweat with Chantal Pierrat and 10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix. They were both available on NetFlix and I received them last week.  My husband, aka, the Only One Who Watches Netflix Videos In Our Home, kept on bugging me to view them, since he could not receive any more Netflix until I returned these two dvds.  Since I have been going to The Bar Method or the gym, I just haven’t had time to try them out.

This morning, in attempt to prevent my husband from filing for divorce, I opted to skip the gym and try one of these workouts.  I popped in Soul Sweat.  I lasted through the warm up and decided I just wasn’t feeling it.  The music was ok but the moves were a bit too “move your body like it’s flowing in the wind” for me.  I did like their clothes though.

I pressed the eject button and put in the 10 Minute Solution.  I lasted about 7 minutes.  While the moves were better and easy to follow, again, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I placed both dvds back in their sleeve and will ship them back asap.

Since it’s an unusually sunny and warm December day, I decided to take my workout outside.  I did a 45 min power walk.  It felt incredible!  I love walking with my Ipod and feeling the breeze on my face.  Let’s face it, I am not meant to use workout videos.


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