So You Think You Have A Weight Problem?

A friend of mine recently asked me if I had ever seen the show, Ruby.  While I had heard of the show in passing, I honestly do not watch much tv at all.  I mentioned the show to my husband last night and he found it On Demand.  It’s a reality show about a woman who lives in Savannah, Georgia.  And she is obese.   At one point, she weighed around 700 pounds!  

Ruby opted against surgery and is trying to shed the weight by a special diet (in the episodes I have seen so far, she gets prepackaged meals) and by exercise.  So, she is basically doing it the old-fashioned way.  She seems so sweet and loving, yet, in my eyes, she clearly has a food issue.  Like, no duh.  She is also in therapy to see if she can get to the root of her problem.  She cannot remember anything about her childhood.  Something definitely happened to her.  Every time she talks to her therapist about not remembering her childhood, she starts crying.  I am dying to know what happened to her.  

The show is definitely interesting.  I am rooting for her and keeping my fingers crossed that she can lose the weight….for good.

On another note, then there’s Oprah.  She finally admitted that she has gained some weight.  She is now at 200 pounds.  She is on the cover of her magazine in the January issue.  There are actually two Oprah’s on the cover.  The current Oprah and the skinnier Oprah.  I admire her for her honesty, although anyone could see she had gained weight if they watch her show or see her in People magazine.  January is a the perfect time for her to admit her weight gain and that she is going to get back on track.I read that almost half of U.S. women vow to lose weight as their New Years Resolution.


3 thoughts on “So You Think You Have A Weight Problem?

  1. I watched only the first episode of Ruby (we had free cable for a month). I was wanting to know how she’s doing so I’m glad I “know” someone following the show! Is she keeping with the water aerobics for her exercise and has she lost much yet? I felt so bad for her in the first show, even then you could tell there was some issue from her past lurking.

  2. At last count, she has lost 60 pounds but was beginning to feel temptation to cheat on her diet. How could she not? In one episode, she goes out to eat with all her friends. They all get these huge, cheesy slices of pizza and she has to eat her pre-packaged chicken. She has a lot of willpower. Oh, I just remembered that she did cheat once, she had half a Smoothie while out with her friends.

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