Back To The Bar Method & Bar Method Body: Designer Sculpting

I was so looking forward to my workout this morning.  It feels like I have not been to The Bar Method in forever!  I took a Level One class again.  Even though it’s a Level One, it’s still a challenging practice.  My legs were shaking and that has never happened before.  I could not keep up with some of the rotations.  I feel so embarrassed when I cannot keep up but what can I do.  I just can’t do it.  I take a break and then get right back into it as soon as I can.  

I purchased a pair of their socks for $10.  The bottom of the socks have these gripey things.  In some of the moves, you are on the carpet and I slide sometimes.  I’m looking forward to trying them when I go back to the studio on Sunday.

Right now, I am watching one of The Bar Method’s old dvds.  It’s called Designer Sculpting.  This video came out in 2003.  I ordered it on Netflix.  The workout is very similar to what we do in class.  It’s pretty cool, actually.  However, they are releasing new videos….today!  This old dvd doesn’t have the best music.  It’s like a techno beat.  I hope the new dvds have current music.  I bet they do.  I will probably get the dvds.  2 for $30 is a great deal!


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