Tracy Anderson Method Dance Cardio Workout DVD

Yesterday, my friend and neighbor Jill and I traded our Tracy Anderson’s dvds.  I lent her my Mat one and she let me borrow her Dance Cardio.  She said the Dance Cardio sucked.

I was very excited to try it this morning, despite Jill’s review.  After about a minute or two, I had to turn it off.  There’s one chapter in which she teaches you the moves.  But it doesn’t have any music.  And I got bored.  Quickly.  I am not a dancer, but hey, I can maintain my own in Zumba!  What also drives me crazy is that you have no idea how long each section/chapter is. There isn’t any information, anywhere!  

I’m actually watching the dance part as I write this and yes, it does seem like fun.  The music is ok, not great, but it looks fun.  Well, it does have a lot of jumping and hopping.   Hmm…

I’m glad I didn’t buy this $30 dvd!  I much prefer my Mat workout. If I had it, I would do it right now.  I can run to the gym but I’m feeling lazy.

I wish I did have a fun, cardio dance dvd.  I’ve read on that her very first dvd, Dance Aerobics, is great.  Apparently in that one, she teaches you the moves and then you perform.  That makes more sense.  With the Dance Cardio, you first have to learn all the moves, remember them and then perform.  I think.  

You can find the Dance Aerobics video on ebay but yikes, the bids are already high.  I did email the studio to see if they had any left.  I’d be interested to try that one out.


2 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson Method Dance Cardio Workout DVD

  1. My old gym, New York Sports Club, offered Zumba. My new gym does not but I heard they are going to be starting classes in January. It’s a fun class.

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