The Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD

Today started out as a comedy of errors.  I wanted to take a 9:30 exercise class because I was due to volunteer at my older daughter’s kindergarten class.  I wanted to take a class at The Bar Method but there was a waitlist. Waaa!  I could have taken a Body Pump class at the gym but just wasn’t in the mood to go to the gym.

I decided to try The Tracy Anderson Method dvd again.  I scheduled a play date this afternoon for my youngest daughter with one of my neighbors.  My neighbor mentioned she had purchased a Tracy Anderson Cardio Dance dvd.  I suggested we swap dvds so we could both experience the other workouts.  So, it really made sense for me to try this video again this morning.

Once I made that decision, I still had a really hard time motivating myself to start it.  I kept on telling myself “I just need to send one more email”  blah blah blah.

I finally got my butt off the couch and realized that I needed to get my new 3 pound weights.  Tracy Anderson says a woman should never lift more than 3 pounds or else she will get bulky.  I’m not sure how I feel about that BUT at The Bar Method, they recommend using 2-3 pound weights also.  This weekend, I purchased a pair of Danskin purple 3 pound weights.  So, I got them and got a pair of scissors to get the plastic strap to dislocate the bar bells.  Well the scissors could not cut through the hard, thick plastic.  I didn’t know what to do!  

I got out my husband’s tool box and looked for an instrument that would be able to cut through the plastic. I finally found a small saw (at least that is what I think it is).  It took me nearly 30 freaking minutes to cut through the plastic!!!!!  Can you believe that???  I was so upset afterwards that I went back to the computer. I googled Danskin and found their customer service email address.  I sent them an email detailing my experience.  I have never done that before!!

I went downstairs (it’s the girls playroom but I also exercise there).  Put on the dvd and press play.  There is no sound.  I press multiple buttons, etc but I cannot get the volume to work.  I was so annoyed, but took out the dvd, grabbed my weights and walked back upstairs.  

Anyway, I did complete the workout.  The music on the dvd is very motivating.  The moves are not like anything I have ever seen before.  I think I mentioned last time, it would be nice if Tracy cued a bit more but I like the fact that there is minimal chit chat.

I’m still working towards that lean look.  However, lately I have been re-evaluating that desire.  I will blog about it later, but I want to mull it over more in my mind first.  I am not sure if my body type (petite at 5’2″ but also muscular) can achieve the “look” that I want.  Or, if it is even possible, I’m not sure how much more work and effort I want to put into it.  

I need to enjoy my body and appreciate it more.  I am very grateful for all that it has done for me, but I need to increase that gratitude.


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