Danskin Responds

If you read my previous post, I mentioned the really hard time I had extracting my new 3 pound Danskin bar bells from the plastic straps.  I sent the customer service an email.  Surprisingly, I received a response in a few hours.  The rep wrote that she was sorry to hear about my experience and that she will let manufacturer know.  I cannot be the first person to have that experience.


2 thoughts on “Danskin Responds

  1. completely unrelated to your post, what the heck do you look like! Now I’m curious :). I pictured you taller than you are but hey, post a pic. Take the challenge ;).

    I’ll be posting some actual pics in January of, hopefully, some progress!

  2. Ha! I’m Latina with really short, brown curly hair. 5’2″ tall. I will post a picture one of these days!!

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