Sun On My Face

This morning, I decided to forgo the gym and went for a power walk instead.  Even though it was a bit brisk, it felt wonderful to feel the sun on my face.  I live in a hilly area and I love walking up and down different blocks.  The funny thing is that I will occasionally see a friend driving by and it makes me laugh. They will give me either a shocked look or look at me with an expression that says “What is she doing???”

It’s all good!


2 thoughts on “Sun On My Face

  1. Sounds like a good walk this morning! I’d love a walk in the sun but here in WI it’s snowy, cold, icey, and did I say cold?

    About your other post, sometimes I think of another, but now my husband is fixed and we wont be having another. For me, like you, I don’t know if I’d have had the patience. I think I like the idea of another but don’t know how I’d handle the reality of it.

    Hope you’re having a sun-shining happy day :).

  2. I love taking walks, especially when the weather is gorgeous. OK, I’ll admit it, if the weather isn’t great, you won’t find me outside! I know the cold and snow will be headed here shortly so I wanted to enjoy it while I can.

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