Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

How was your Thanksgiving?  I am very thankful to say that mine turned out well.  Shockingly enough, my meal turned out yummy.  At least that is what my husband, Dad and brother told me.  The turkey came out well as did all the side dishes I made.  I owe a lot to a friend, Tracy.  Tracy and I have been “friends” for nearly 10 years.  The funny thing is that Tracy and I have never met- ever.  We “met” on an online support group for girls with curly hair.  Tracy and I began our friendship chatting about hair care products.  Throughout the years, we have spent hours and hours emailing.  She was there when I met my now-husband, lost my mom, lost a job, got pregnant, had a baby, got pregnant again, had another baby, bought a house, etc, etc…

I turned to Tracy when I knew I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner.  She helped me figure out what to serve.  She even told me to buy the turkey on Monday since I was going to have to defrost it for a few days.  Who knew???  I certainly didn’t.  She also suggested I prepare a few things ahead of time.  These simple tips may seem meaningless, but they certainly helped me a great deal.  Thank you Tracy!!!

So, now it’s the day after Thanksgiving.  I feel a bit depressed!  It’s like- what do we do now???  No shopping for us.  My girls and I did enjoy an early Christmas present my brother gave me.  Wii Fit.  I have already done quite a bit of yoga (boring), some aerobics, strength training and balance.  So far, my favorite is the hula hoop game.

I don’t feel like going to the gym today.  Tomorrow I will go back to The Bar.  Today, I guess I will relax.  Will probably play more games on Wii Fit.

And definitely eat more turkey!


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