Forgotten My Soul

I’ve been thinking a lot about my recent posts.  I realized that all I have been chatting about is working out and my exercise.  You’d think that is all that I have going on in my life!

Well, yes, I do focus and think about exercise a great deal.  But I also wanted to blog about spirituality and my soul.  I think those aspects of my life have not gotten much focus lately.  That’s probably why I haven’t felt as upbeat as I’d like.  I’ve been focusing too much on what I want and don’t have (long, leans legs or Lululemon Pants) instead of focusing on all the positive things that I do have in my life (the ability and luxury to go the gym and fitness studios).  

I am very well aware that you are much happier in life if you count your blessings.  In the past, I would write down a list of 5 simple things that I was grateful for each night.  Sometimes though, it can seem easier to just bitch and moan rather than appreciate.

At Thanksgiving, countless of families all over the country will be celebrating with a nice meal (unless they are coming to my house- no idea how the turkey will come out).  Most may go around and ask each person to share what they are most thankful for in their life.  I love that practice and I am happy that I remembered that.  I need to be way more thankful for what I already have.

Tonight, I will listen to a meditation cd.  I have quite a few.  I think I will listen to one called Flowdreaming.  One of the tracks is called Positive Flow.  I like these tracks because they are short, about 15 minutes, and leave me nice and relaxed.  It’s good to get back in the flow.


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