Drinking At The Bar

I went back to The Bar Method studio this morning.  Last night, I looked at my gym schedule and decided to take a Body Pump class at the gym on Wednesday, so I decided to go to the bar today.  I have taken 3 Level 1 classes. These Level 1 classes seem to work on your form.  This time, I opted to try the Mixed class.  They recommend three Level 1’s classes before moving to a Mixed class.  I was a bit apprehensive, but I did it.  Well, I barely did it.  It is freaking hard!  The moves focus a lot on your lower body, which is what I like.

I want to get my thighs leaner.  I’m Latina and I tend to keep my weight on my thighs and butt.  Not my abs. You do a lot of ab work in the class.  Shockingly enough, my abs are pretty flat, despited having two kids.  If I suck them in, you can see a 2 or 4 pack!  

I’m not feeling that happy though.  Look, I know better than anyone else, you should never compare yourself to others.  It only makes you feel bad about yourself.  Never judge a book by its cover.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all that.  But I still cannot help but compare my figure with everyone else’s.  

Most of the women in the class have the figure that I have always dreamed of:  Tall and lean.  Some are on the skinnier side than I prefer, but most have great muscle tone.  I don’t know if they do any other types of workouts, I would assume so.  But who knows.

I spoke with one of the owners, Jen, last week.  She predicted I would see results quickly because I am already very active and I have good form.  She probably did not mean I would see results in less than a week.  But I am not a patient person.

The other thing that bothered me this morning was my workout outfit.  I wore my usual black Victoria Secret’s Yoga pants.  I loved them so much when I first got them.  I felt they made me look really nice.  However, I feel like they are sagging a bit.  Maybe it’s due to all the washes or just typical wear and tear.  I think I bought these a year or so ago.  I bought them during one of their sales (2 for $40).  

I wore a regular Sports Bra and an Old Navy tank top over that.  I guess the tank top was long so it was gapping on my waist.  It looked like I was 3 months pregnant.  And I’m not!  Really!

Looking around, I noticed that a lot of the women were wearing Lululemon clothing.  I have been googling Lululemon clothes for a while.  It’s a Canadian brand, but many of here in the States are huge fans.  The Bar Studio sells this brand.  Last week, I tried on a pair of pants.  (Side note: the pants run small.  I usually take a size 2 or 4/small and the pants I tried on were a 6).  The pants fit really nicely but were super long. Most people have to have them hemmed.  One thing I could not get over: the price tag.  These pants were around $96!  Yikes!!!!!!!!

I read the reviews saying these pants are worth it, they look great wash after wash, etc…..  They sound amazing.  But for $96, I also expect it to wash the dishes and put away the dirty laundry.  

Nevertheless, I have not been able to stop thinking about them.  I’m trying to remain rational.  Can I really justify spending that much money on a pair of work out pants?  Plus, what am I going to do, run home after a workout and wash them so I can wear them the next day?  I can totally see myself doing that, scarily enough!

So, I don’t know.  Maybe I’m in a funk.  Or maybe I need to go shopping for new workout clothes.


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