The Bar Method- Yet Again

Am I addicted?  I don’t know.  I attended another class at The Bar Method this morning.  As I am doing the moves, I do wonder, “Why am I doing this to myself?” because some of the poses are freaking hard!  But yet, I love it!

Today at class I ran into an aquaintance; a few years ago, we met at a music class for our kids.  She said she has been attending classes there since January.  She had given up the gym and even yoga!  After 3 kids, I have to admit, her body looked great.  She freely admitted she is addicted.  

Even though this was my 3rd class (in 5 days!!!), I cannot pinpoint what is the addiction.  Are we addicted to the pain?  Or the goal of a long, lean body?   I have taken classes at the gym for over a decade.  I have taken classes at many other fitness studios. I have never, ever taken 3 classes in 5 days at any studio!

Each class is different.  Sure, some of the moves are the same, but each teacher throws out different moves.

I can’t make it tomorrow, but I’ll be back there on Tuesday.  

I should look up the real meaning of addiction….


2 thoughts on “The Bar Method- Yet Again

  1. There are definitely worse things to be addicted to!
    Seperate post, about thanksgiving dinner, I do and she has some good tips on planning for holidays. A bit late for thanksgiving, but maybe christmas? Totally free site though she does sell products. I’ve been with the site for nearly 4 years and have never bought anything or paid a penny.

  2. Thanks for the tip. That will be great for the future.

    As for the addiction, Yes, it’s true. I just have to see how I can manage both a gym membership and this membership. It’s a bit pricey. I also have a class card for a yoga studio. It’s hard to do it all!

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