Gym Yoga

I could not decide what type of workout I wanted to do at the gym this morning.  Spinning?  Kickboxing? Body Pump?  I wanted an intense workout but I also wanted to listen to what my body wanted to do that moment.  Ultimately I decided to take an Ashtanga Yoga class.   I arrived at the gym a few minutes early so I decided to do 15 minutes on the treadmill.  I really wanted to get some cardio in.  I did a bit of interval training and managed to burn 100 calories, according to the treadmill calculator.

I had not taken any yoga classes taught by this instructor so I was interested in seeing her style.  The class was packed!  Ashtana, aka, Power Yoga, can be very intense with challenging asanas (poses).  However, like all forms of yoga, you must remain present in the moment by focusing on your breath.  I think people are drawn to Ashtanga Yoga because of its intensity.  I know I am!  I feel like this type of yoga gives me a good workout.  In the past, I would practice Ashtanga multiple times a week and my arms were cut.  

I recently read an article in a magazine (I cannot remember which one) that talked about “Gym Yoga”. Apparently some Yogis feel that the true meaning of a yoga practice is lost by the teachers at the gym. Yogis focus on a lot more than just practicing yoga.  Most Yogi follow a vegetarian diet and mediate regularly, for example.  

It can be difficult to focus on your breath while you hear the clanging and gym noises outside.  I do prefer practicing yoga at the yoga studio near my home.  Also, no one can compare to my ultimate Yoga instructor, Jillian Pransky.  

Today’s instructor didn’t have us set an intention before beginning our practice.  I really like to do that, so I did it on my own.  When Jillian teaches, she usually adds a lot more, it’s hard to explain, but I feel more like a Yogi when I practice with Jillian!  

I don’t know if the other people in my class consider themselves Yogis or not.  I did enjoy the class and I am glad it’s there as an option for me.  Going to a yoga studio can get pricey.



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