Body Mass Index

I found this site online:  According to that calculator, my BMI is 21.2.  

This morning, I had a session with a trainer. I get 2 free sessions with my new membership.  She assessed me in various ways, strength, etc..  When it came down to figure out my BMI, she used clippers.  According to that, I was at 11.4%.  I was floored!  I told her about the online calculator and she said those are not accurate. I knew that, I mean, come on, how can someone figure out their body fat based solely on height and weight!???!  But many people, including doctors and nurses, follow those guidelines.

Nevertheless, I never would have thought mine was so low.  She then took out this other gizmo, I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s a hand held thing that supposedly tells you your BMI.  Mine came out around 18.4%.  My trainer said I am most likely somewhere in the middle, around 13%-14%.  

I do feel better about myself though 🙂


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