A New Day

Just as soon as I started to feel better and recover from this horrendous stomach bug, my youngest was struck with it.  I had to keep her home from school yesterday.  She missed her first school trip to a pumpkin patch.  I felt bad but I could not take the chance that she would get sick.  Plus, it was a really cold day and not an ideal one to spend the day outside.  

I have been suffering from cabin fever.  I have not left my house for more than a few minutes since Monday. I am dying to get back into exercise and moving.  And eating normally.  I’ve been feeling really blah and ugh.

Yesterday’s Daily Om was titled “Embracing Unpredictability- When Life Throws You a Curve Ball.”  I had to laugh when I read about ” the unforeseen flu virus”.  Yeah, tell me about it.

So, let’s see what today brings.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that today is a great day for everyone!!


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