My Yoga Retreat

I attended the most amazing yoga retreat this past weekend.  It was held at the Race Brook Lodge.  Jillian Pransky led the retreat.  Jillian is one of the best, if not THE BEST, yoga teacher I have ever practiced with.  I have been practicing yoga on and off (mainly off) for the past 12 years.  I first met Jillian at last year’s retreat.  My good friend Alyssa told me about her and she invited me to join her at the retreat.  Since then, I have been lucky enough to practice with Jillian on a few other occasions.

I would describe Jillian’s asans as Vinyasa Flow but she also focused on many poses that help us ground, especially during this time of year.  I felt very calm, grounded and centered.   Of course it helped that my husband was able to stay at home with our 2 kids.  It was bliss not to have to cook, wipe butts, or act as a referee for anyone for 48 hours!!  It was also amazing to practice yoga hours a day, plus we took two meditation walks.

On Saturday night Jillian invited a well-known Drummer, John De Kadt.   We had planned to have a camp fire outside but it rained all afternoon and night, so it was moved to the barn (where we also practice our yoga).  Even though I was pretty tired, I could not help but feel energized by this event.  I have never drummed before and most of the participants hadn’t either.  It was really cool!  

Earlier that afternoon, Jillian and her assistants handed out index cards and markers.  We had to write down something- a word or a phrase- of what we wanted to let go, something that we were holding onto that was no longer servicing us.  After the drumming circle, we were invited to throw our index cards into a burner.  Jillian also provided sage and so we were able to sage (also known as smudging) ourselves. Perfect!

I returned home calm and serene.  However, mere hours later, I was sick.  Out of nowhere, I was hit with a horrific stomach bug!  I am still recovering.  Of course, I haven’t been able to work out, shoot, I am barely able to keep anything in my body.  I am looking forward to being myself again.



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