Who Wants To Be Skinny?

I love magazines.  I live for magazines.  I am in Heaven whenever I read a magazine, especially health and fitness ones.  Of course, I also love my People subscription (thanks Dad!).  One of my neighbors also shares this love and we are constantly passing along magazines to each other.

She recently gave me a few issues of US Weekly and In Touch.  I happened to pick up a different copy of In Touch.  All three issues have something on the front cover about weight.  The Oct. 12th issue of In Touch has a cover story on Jennifer Aniston, saying she “HAD LIPO!”  The Octo 27th issue states “I’m Not Anorexic”.  Apparently some of the latest it girls, including Angelina Jolie (cover states she refuses to eat) and Lindsay Lohen (cover states “the drink that burns fat through shivering.”  WTH?!??!?!

US Weekly has a shot of Jessica Alba, who gave birth to her first daughter mere months ago, in her bikini with a cover line that reads “WOW!  Jessica- Her New Mom Diet.”

I’ll admit that I love reading these types of stories.  I also know that of course Jessica Alba looks amazing because she, more than likely, has a trainer, a cook, a nanny, etc.. Most of us do not have these luxuries. But nevertheless, you can shed your pregnancy weight without a chef or a personal trainer.  I know I did.

I also believe that most of these stories are greatly exaggerated.  Jennifer really had lipo?  What does she weigh- 115 pounds to begin with?!?  Come on!

Clearly these stories are helping sell magazines.  It’s no secret that many are obsessed with celebs (ever check out Perez Hilton).  But the world is also obsessed with weight; Have you ever seen Biggest Loser?  

Apparently, many, many people want to be skinny.


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