Daily Om

A friend told me about Daily Om.  Their tagline is “Nurturing Mind Body & Spirit”.  I opted to receive their daily email blast.  Today’s was titled “Finding the Answers Within.  You Have All The Answers”.  Basically, this post was reminding us to trust our own instincts, that we truly have all the answers to our questions.  Who was it who said- “We ask for advice when we know what to do but we don’t want to do it?”

For me, the hardest thing is to simply trust the Universe.  I have visited my share of psychics with the hope to hear “Everything will be alright”.  “Yes, you will get married,” or “Yes you will have children.”  I did achieve all those things and I guess I did know within my heart that these events would happen.  Nevertheless, it’ still nice sometimes to hear it from someone else.

These days, I certainly listen to my heart and follow my intuition.


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