The Gym

I feel extremely lucky.  I LOVE going to the gym.  On the days that I don’t go, I miss it.  Terribly.  One of the first things that I did when I moved out of my parent’s house in the Bronx and into my first apartment in Manhattan was join a gym.  My mom urged me to wait, but I couldn’t.  I’ve been a gym rat on and off ever since.


Last week I rejoined a gym that I had belonged to a couple of years ago.  As I walked into the class, I passed by many familiar faces.  I recognized most of the teachers, trainers and other gym goers.  It was really nice. I felt at home.


However, I did notice one thing.  Everyone looked the same! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but it made me wonder.  Can anyone really change their body at the gym?  I know I basically look the same, although lately I have been working out harder than ever, so I do have more muscle tone.  But I doubt anyone else would really notice.  I bet some people have lost a lot of weight or were able to train for a marathon or something along those lines.  I’m just nosey and would love to learn more about people’s motivations, successes and failures.


5 thoughts on “The Gym

  1. I work out in my basement because motivating myself to a gym would be impossible. I used to go to one and wondered, too, why they were there (obviously to get fit, but for what… health, weight, looks…). I was always curious but never really got to chatting to anyone. Anyone who has motiviation to drive to a gym is way ahead of the game, it’s good you love it :).

    I like finding other female fitness fanatics out here but because I like to lift. I seem to fit in more with the guy lifters though often their purpose is different from mine. I lost a ton of weight while lifting, but gained most of it back. If I went back to the gym I used to belong to, no one would notice a difference. I feel off the wagon for way too long!

    I notice your blog is new, so keep posting!

  2. Thanks forthelifeofme! I do love working out at the gym. I have tried doing videos at home, but I prefer classes, the energy, the music, etc..

    I also love working out with weights. Although, I have been thinking about switching up my routine a bit. Today I took a one hour advanced mat pilates class, followed by 20 min on the treadmill. I tend to gain muscle very quickly, which I am thankful for, but now I want to aim for that long, lean look. I’m 5’2′ so I’ll take any length I can get 🙂

  3. I used to do pilates regularly and I managed to fit into a size two again!!! And that was post baby by about 4 years. I had given up ever slimming my hips enough to fit back into that size, but pilates worked wonders. I’m aiming to fit an hour a week of yoga or pilates back into my schedule and start small because I’ve lost so much flexibility over the years, too.

    Love your blog!

  4. The gym is such a productive place I always feel like i’m getting so much done! Ive been reading a lot of articles which say its better to train at night but I believe theres no better way to start your day then with the gym!

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